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Enjoy Blue Front Bar-B-Q sauces at Home!

Blue Front Bar-B-Q began it’s operation in 1964 on the corner of 15th st. and Tamarind ave. in West Palm Beach Fl. At that time, Norris Nelson knew very little about operating a restaurant. However, he knew how to cook good BBQ from his from his father while growing up in Eastman, Georgia, and he had his Grandfather’s special BBQ sauce recipe.

Norris’ ribs and chicken with his spicy BBQ sauce quickly became a hit and in high demand by locals. Customers came from far and wide, including Palm Beach just to purchase Norris’ chicken & ribs with his special sauce on them. Customers kept asking Norris how they could purchase his lip-smacking sauce. So Norris began selling his sauce in empty soda bottles.

The demand for his thick spicy sauce was so great that it increased his passion to make it available to as many customers as possible, so he opened a bottling company across the street from the restaurant and began cooking his sauce up for everyone to enjoy.

In 1979 Norris patented the name BLUE FRONT Bar-B-Q Inc. and began marketing his sauce to the public. And after 40 plus years, Norris’ Grandfathers thick, spicy recipe is still pleasing BBQ lovers everywhere.